Simulation Lab Technician (UAE Nationals only)

Date: Nov 15, 2023

Location: Ajman Univeristy AJMAN, AE, AE

Company: Ajman University

Job Title: Simulation Lab Technician (UAE Nationals only)              
College: College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences



A Simulation Lab Technician supports the operation and maintenance of simulation laboratories, where students and professionals can practice and enhance their skills in a controlled and realistic environment. 


•    Operate the simulator during scenarios and provide technical assistance and support to faculty. 
•    Conduct ongoing maintenance of simulation equipment and other technology within the simulation lab, including cleaning and repairs.
•    Set up and ensure the proper functioning of simulation equipment and technology.
•    Collaborate with educators and subject matter experts to design and develop simulation scenarios that mimic real-life situations relevant to the field of study.
•    Assist instructors and facilitators during simulation sessions, ensuring the smooth operation of equipment and addressing technical issues promptly.
•    Control simulation parameters in real-time to adapt to the needs of the learners and mimic different situations.
•    Collect and manage data related to simulation activities, including learner performance metrics, equipment usage, and scenario outcomes.
•    Generate reports on simulation performance and provide feedback for improvement.
•    Provide training and orientation sessions for instructors, students, and other simulation lab users on the proper use of equipment and software.
•    Implement and adhere to quality assurance processes to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of simulation scenarios.
•    Communicate effectively with students, faculty, and staff regarding simulation schedules, expectations, and updates.
•    Keep track of simulation equipment, supplies, and consumables, and coordinate the procurement of new items when needed.
•    Manage and organize the storage of simulation-related materials.
•    Ensure that the simulation lab adheres to safety standards and regulatory requirements.



•    Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering or any bachelor with IT/medical equipment experience. Experience working in a simulation lab. 
•    Two years of experience in nursing education/clinical nursing instruction, with the ability to create a supportive learning environment for students. Experience in simulation lab coordination is desirable.



•    Knowledge of relevant health professions principles, practices (patient safety, universal safety precautions, personal protective equipment etc.) and adult education theory.
•    Strong understanding of the technical aspects of simulation equipment. 
•    Knowledge of medical terminology and procedures to effectively support and operate simulation equipment in a healthcare simulation center.
•    Knowledge of instructional design principles, including adult learning theory, to develop and deliver effective simulation-based training programs.
•    Strong interpersonal skills to effectively communicate with a wide range of stakeholders, including instructors, learners, and technical support staff.
•    Collaborate effectively with interdisciplinary teams to plan and implement simulation-based educational and training programs.
•    Strong attention to detail to ensure that simulation equipment is functioning properly, data is accurately recorded, and simulation scenarios are executed as intended.
•    Strong organizational skills to manage simulation equipment, schedules, and data effectively.
•    Ability to utilize Audio-Visual equipment, proficiency in learning management platforms, and familiarity with student database systems.
•    Working knowledge of Word, Excel, and Adobe for the purpose of maintaining inventory and ordering supplies. 



•    Work is normally performed in a typical teaching laboratory environment. 
•    Some physical effort is required. 
•    Limited exposure to physical risk.